About Us

Our Strivation (What We Strive To Do through Motivation)?

With the changes in today’s buying patterns with ‘no-contract’ mobile plans, ReUp Mobile is building an ever growing eCommerce marketplace, whereby we plan to deliver airtime in immediate fashion, while rewarding you for your excellence for continual shopping.
The strivation will come together when our marketplace consistently has a way to buy modern-day unlocked phones‎ with an active SIM card and the airtime along with it.

Our Methods?

ReUp Mobile guides itself towards becoming the largest no-contract mobile phone marketplace in the USA. In order to reach our plateaus, we will deliver our products with consistency, passion and technology that always makes sense for the consumer. The main tool to help drive this ecosystem is our state of the art ReUp Royalty shopping platform we offer. It’s free to enroll and rewards you consistently In line with the amount of money spent in our online store.

The Edge over others!

Firstly, to build any vision into a product you must have competent people behind your concepts
Secondly, competence doesn’t always breed superiority when developing this vision so that is when luck plays into things. Being that our passion is combining competence with technology, we find that that a ReUp customer continues to shop on our site (month after month).
Our edge over others is reached more successfully because we drive our marketplace to have dynamic ways to shop in our store, while making the shopping experience fun, safe and engaging.


ReUp Mobile has experts assigned in every key position that enables our company to operate without glitches. We can go the fancy route in this section by posting professional photos of the management team alongside their bios. But for some reason the decision has been made to just convince our customers to enjoy the shopping platform through the great work you see done in you’re ReUp Account.

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