ReUp Mobile has a combined run of over 25 years in all of the components that bring this website to life.

  • Mobile (Contract & No Contract)
  • Distribution
  • Carrier & MVNO Relations
  • Credit Card Processing
  • IT/Technology
  • Customer Support
  • Social Marketing engagement

Let’s review the Services we offer:

Cellular Airtime

We strive to carry all of the leading carriers that offer monthly no-contract plans in the marketplace today. Choosing Auto ReUp or RTR is smarter than PIN if you have the option.

The current Carrier and MVNO line up includes:

We’re always trying to add more carriers that will serve our customers well. If we are failing to do that somehow, please let us know on our blog or send a request to our Customer Support

Payment Automation

ReUp Mobile manages a PCI compliant website and checkout. That means your data and card information are protected to the highest standards possible. Automatically & securely store your credit card, debit card, bank account (ACH) or PayPal account for monthly replenishment

Payment Options

Let us know if you prefer to try and pay with a different option than listed above. We’ll try to make it happen for you,

Unlocked GSM and CDMA Handsets

During the next version roll out of the site in 2014, ReUp Mobile will include on the website a complete shopping experience. You’ll purchase the unlocked phone of choice and then we’ll pair you with the plan and airtime with one-click activation interface. Simply, put, it will be life changing.

Projected Handset Models that we’ll support

  • Samsung
  • iPhone
  • Motorola
  • Huawe
  • LG
  • BlackBerry

SIM Cards

A SIM card is the little tiny square chip that installs into your phone. The SIM card holds your phone’s identity. The SIM card is what activates your plan, helps measure your data speeds and even can store your contact information depending on the devices you’re using. ReUp Mobile carries are the leading SIM brands that integrate with our handsets.

ReUp Royalty

An optional service that fast tracks you to more rewards through adding more family members per account, referring friends and utilizing our optional social media tools. Royalty points turn into redemptions. Redemptions turn into free Auto ReUp’s or even cash withdrawals. (for qualified users only).

We’re just a better option for customers to buy their airtime plans

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