How It Works

The Vision

It starts with opening an account. Subscribe to buy your no-contract airtime plans through ReUp Mobile. We will reward you for it. As we progress to bring you better value and services, you make sure to progress with the fact that you’ll keep buying your mobile airtime from us. In case you missed it from the top, we will reward you for it.

Purchasing from ReUp Mobile

After opening an account, feel free to use our loyalty rewards program, aptly named ReUp Royalty. Earn points on your monthly airtime renewals and redeem them into future airtime purchases.

Yes, you got it right.
Monthly plans will be cheaper to buy on ReUp Mobile over somewhere else.

General Frequently Asked Questions

How is my purchase protected?

ReUp Mobile uses sophisticated methods to encrypt your data. We want your transaction and account secure at all times.

We’re PCI Compliant, have redundancy and will always try to serve our customers proudly.

I can’t find handsets or sim cards on the site?

In the near future our technology will activate your unlocked phone and sim card with one-click of your mouse right in your dashboard. The system has been created already.

We’re actually testing the technology in the market right now, literally as we speak. Meaning, this technology is coming but just a little later into 2014..

What if my carrier isn’t available on the ReUp Mobile Site?

RReUp Mobile strives to always satisfy a customer. So if you don’t see a carrier that we support. Post it on the blog or send a request to our Customer Support

When will I be able to automatically ReUp and pay each month?

Soon. Our next version will have a safe and fast way to automatically renew your monthly plans.

What does the ReUp Mobile My Account provide me?

It’s the central place to access and see your account and navigate through ReUp Royalty. The ReUp dashboard will make your navigation through our website easy and fun.

Becoming a Royalty Customer

ReUp Mobile wants things to remain fun, engaging and safe.

Our loyalty system is built to generate an appreciation for “fine art of loyalty”. After you sign up, try it out for yourself.

  • One time & Auto ReUp customers
  • Surveys on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites
  • Linking more plans into your ReUp My Account
  • Refer a friend

ReUp Royalty Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ReUp Royalty?

No extra signup process is necessary. The moment you register an account and purchase from our store, you’re signed up to ReUp Royalty. Your Royalty Points continue to calculate for you regardless if you plan to redeem the points. We will personally send you joke emails that you’re giving away free airtime

How do I redeem Royalty Points?

In the ReUp Dashboard you will see the ‘Royalty Points’ frame. Within inside that frame is a link called Redeem Points. I think we all know where this is going next… right?

What if I’m done with ReUp and I have Royalty Points?

Listen, we hate to see customers leave, but that stuff happens. We will never forfeit your points, but for security purposes, you can only convert points into ReUp Dollars. Make sure to deplete your points as much as possible before you leave us.

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