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Solutions provided for the No-Contract / Prepaid Marketplace

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Key Features

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SIM & Port-in Activation

Activate or port-in sim cards and enjoy reporting details

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PIN & Airtime Replenishment

Easily purchase pins and real time replenishment (RTR) airtime for your subscribers

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Spiff Commissions

Innovative and controlled Spiff Management interface

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Subscriber Dashboard

Manage all of your subscribers with sophistication

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Billing & Invoices

Transactions and Invoices in near real-time management

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1-Click checkout

Click one button. Your subscriber is done

Why ReUp Mobile?

We help merchants (known to us as 'dealers') find a way to interconnect their subscribers with the respected wireless providers. Our platform comfortably, safely and dynamically activates sim cards, replenishes airtime and provides extra tools for the dealers to enjoy inclusively of our basic services. It's our goal as a company to evolve each day. Otherwise we aren't producing improving technology that runs safely, efficiently and adapts to multiple devices.

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Pay & Go

Register your payment option.
Fund your account as you desire and sell

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"Credit" Junky

Consider yourself a responsible business?
Let ReUp's money work for you, apply for credit

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Accounting Management for Dealers

ReUp Mobile prides itself on the fact that we show our dealers obsessive reports. We refuse to be stingy on the amount of data we provide. Our dealers demand excellence. And we take this responsibility very seriously by helping dealers manage all daily activities that are essential for success.

We streamline for the dealers; Sim Activations, Spiff Commissions, Airtime Replenishment & Billing. Because we love technology so much, we even included a proprietary Subscriber Dashboard to help our dealers manage the customers that walk into your store with simplicity and speed.

MVNO's / Carriers need Protection

MVNO's & Carriers invest millions of dollars, yearly, while always trying to satisfy the entire distribution channel. For those investments made, at the least make sure your Technology Service Provider is compliant to support the authenticity of information, which helps manage MVNO & Carrier programs successfully.

ReUp Mobile has a unified goal to keep dealers connected with their subscribers. This protection becomes the extension of the brand identity MVNO & Carrier desire. Through a complex array of programming algorithms, our technology helps support the brand and integrity of each and every transaction.

Master Distributors

Distribution, as a general rule, follows scientific flows whereby technology can help consumers connect with products they want to buy. In the world of mobile telecommunications, the challenge to find profitable distribution is widespread because there are too many moving parts. Frankly said, there are just too many touch points along the distribution ecosystem.

Our technology solves this dilemma by offering admin tools for Master Distributors that help properly onboard dealers, while enjoying complete management of their customers. We do this all on one website, so that time and resources can be allocated in focusing on your sales goals within your distribution chain. ReUp Mobile has built and continues to enhance our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to help distributors manage sales people and customers with precision and sophistication.

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The ReUp Mobile team is defined by where we came from. We are headquartered in NY, with offices in Long Island and Manhattan. We are responsive by phone, chat or email. We do like email for some reason as it seems to be immediate response options. Also, there is always a record of evidence in case we suck at servicing you for some reason


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Call us at (855)373-REUP or (855)373-7387
Monday - Saturday, 9am - 8pm EST
Sunday, 11am - 4pm EST
Chat Room Support, same hours (look for the Chat with us icon in the portal)
Email Support, 24/7 (3 hour guarantee response)

Mailing Address

Reup Services LLC (ReupMobile)
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE, 19958